ChemPass was founded to build a digital projection of the human medchem thinking. In its intricate system the sturctural elements are recognized, their role in organic chemistry reactions are estimated. The effect of process conditions and parameters, side reactions and unexpected reactions are considered.


ChemPass created a very friendly chemist-oriented solution for organic chemists, medicinal chemists and project leaders that provides instant suggestions for novel analog design in lead optimization cycles as well as novel templates for lead finding or lead hopping. Historical organizational chemistry knowledge, new discoveries at the bench, key med-chem data and literature information will be seamlessly integrated by the invisible assistant that will accelerate chemistry and medicinal chemistry innovation for project teams and the entire organization.


The digital chemistry knowledge can be used as desktop assistance in the discovery sciences for

  • template and library design

  • reaction planning and evaluation

  • chemistry know-how re-positioning

  • IP generation..


The most important application is the forward synthesis design. Using ChemPass internal engine in automatic mode one can generate

  • a large number of of small molecule ideas

  • with a maximum diversity

  • and minimalized number of unsythesizable structures.

In case of reactive intermediates and screening compounds the advantage of the ChemPass design is even more obvious.

  • The manual design mode of the ChemPass system is the work horse of the chemist in the daily routine. The ChemPass system: calculates a vaste number of parameters

  • position the compound in the synthesizability space

  • suggests project conditions

  • provides e-labboook framework

  • gives sharable

ChemPass system is inherently able to backward synthesis design, too. Retrosynthetic analysis of structures