Stevan W Djuric, PhD

Discovery Chemistry and Technology Consulting LLC,


Dr Stevan Djuric was, until retirement in February 2019,  head of the global AbbVie Medicinal Chemistry Leadership Team at AbbVie and Vice President of the Discovery Chemistry and Technology organization. The group’s  efforts were focused on initiatives in the areas of high throughput synthesis and purification, hit to lead chemistry, chemical biology and new MS based analytical technologies. In 2015 he was named a Distinguished Research Fellow. During his tenure at Abbott and AbbVie Laboratories, Dr Djuric was a Project Leader for groups in the Immunoscience, Metabolic Disease, and Antiinfective areas. Several of these programs have advanced compounds into clinical development and to the market including Abbott’s proprietary rapamycin analog, Zotarolimus, currently licensed to Medtronics for use on their vascular stents, marketed in the United States and Europe. Dr Djuric has over 180 scientific publications, presentations and patents/applications pending. He has also given over 40 invited lectures at universities and national meetings. He is a member of several Editorial Advisory Boards including the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. In addition, he holds an Adjunct Professorship in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Kansas and one at High Point University in North Carolina.

György M. Keserű, PhD

Scientific Advisor, Group Head, Medicinal Chemistry Research Group at Research Centre for Natural Sciences

György M. Keserű obtained his Ph.D. at Budapest, Hungary then joined Sanofi-Aventis heading a chemistry research laboratory. He moved to Gedeon Richter in 1999 as the Head of Computer-aided Drug Discovery. He earned D.Sc. from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2003 and he was invited for a research professorship at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In 2007 he was appointed as the Head of Discovery Chemistry at Gedeon Richter. During his tenure he was involved in the discovery of 10 clinical candidates (41 patent applications) that entered into clinical development in neurological and psychiatric indications. He also contributed to the discovery of the antipsychotic Vraylar® (US)/ Reagila® (EU) that was approved by the US FDA in 2015 and European authorities in 2017. The drug has been on the US market since 2016 and available to European patients since 2018. After his departure from Gedeon Richter he served as a director general of the Research Centre for Natural Sciences (RCNS) at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He has played a significant role in the development of physicochemical profiling in drug discovery, the concept of compound quality and the improvement of optimization strategies in medicinal chemistry. His achievements have been acknowledged by the George A Olah Award and the Prous Institute Overton and Meyer Award of the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry. In 2016 he was elected as a Fellow (FRSC) of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Since 2015 he has been a full professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and he has been heading the Medicinal Chemistry Research Group at RCNS. In 2019 he was elected to be a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His research interests include medicinal chemistry and drug design. He has published over 200 papers and more than 10 books and book chapters.