ChemPass was founded to develop AI technologies and software for the design of novel small organic molecules and scaffolds. ChemPass' technologies utilize synthetic artificial intelligence for template design, in silico reaction planning and evaluation, a chemistry know-how database and several other custom solutions.

A major upgrade to SynSpace is coming in November 2019! Exciting new modules include a cutting-edge 1-click AI scaffold design and retrosynthesis. Request a demo here.

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Testament on the value of SynSpace design software by a medium-size pharmaceutical company:

“The software provided us with aspects we had not considered. If we were to start the project now with this information in hand we could proceed on a much wider basis”

Our recent press releases (please click on the title below for full text)

12-01-2017, Forbes magazine 2017 December:

ChemPass is proud that the company was featured in the Hungarian edition of Forbes magazine

Upcoming events

ChemPass is co-sponsoring and is presenting a talk and a poster at the Global Pharma R&D Informatics and AI Congress in London, UK on October 28-29. Our talk (Monday @ 14:30PM) and poster #1 entitled "AI-assisted lead optimization with SynSpace design" will introduce our AI-assisted lead optimization service platform and our upcoming new version of the SynSpace software with exciting new features such as 1-click AI design and retrosynthesis.

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Past events/news/information

AI-assisted lead optimization with SynSp

Poster @ the 2nd AI in Chemistry Conference in Cambridge, UK

Talk @ the CECAM workshop, AI for drug design in Genoa, Italy


Poster @ Ljubljana EFMC-ISMC 2018


Poster @ the Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry Conference in London


Poster @ the 19th Drug Discovery Summit in Berlin

Poster @ Global Medicinal Chemistry &

GPCR Summit in London

Short company intro at ChemAxon UGM in 2017

EU Lead factory press release

ChemPass' winning pitch at Blastoff 2017. Our pitch starts at 10:25 min in the full competition video.

Poster @ Boston Symposium of Encoded Library Platforms